I wish I had an Iphone like Jada…

And could sit down and play puzzle apps and listen to animal sounds…jjraeraeAnd I wish I could sit with my paws crossed like Barkley and watch the birds with my oddly large ribcage depleting the couch cushions of all fluffiness


Ahh a dogs and a toddlers life.

But, instead it’s go, go, go around here.

And most days I don’t even feel like much got done.

I filled milk cups, cooked some meals, cleaned a few things, did a load of laundry (maybe), worked out for a few minutes, drank too much coffee, ate some stuff, talked to some sweet friends and family, worked a little from home, played with kids, disciplined kids, talked with kids, sang with kids, explained things to kids, wiped kids…

but what did I DO? Do you ever feel like you’re doing a lot but you didn’t really DO anything? You were mostly just busy? Existing?

This post on Momastery was so great for me to read the other day. Motherhood and wifehood can suck you right in. Glennon talks about how it’s important for us moms to refuel so we can be happier moms.

To not just exist, but to show our kids what it means to live life FULLY. Happily.

Some days I feel like I am going through the motions and just DOING things. Getting things done. Checking things off.

I want to LIVE. To feel alive. To remember what it is to get really excited about popping bubble wrap and instead of wiping down the counters, go pop some with the kids. Or at the very least stop. And watch. Observe. Engage.

Because don’t you feel like the doing, doing, doing is what is making us not-so-happy? Disengaged? Robotic?

I kinda think so.

Maybe refueling isn’t about “me” time or “alone” time, but it’s about LIVING and stepping into what your life is NOW.

I’m learning to listen to that small, still voice. It’s interesting, now that I’m thinking about it, whenever I listen to what the Lord is telling me throughout the day He is always saying something like, Go play with them. Or Read a book right now. Or Be with them.

I have yet to feel like He is telling me, Go wipe down your counters they are truly disgusting. Or That laundry pile has been sitting there for three days and you should probably hop to it.

Nope, never heard much about cleaning. Or staying busy. Or checking off the next thing on my list.

Cultivating relationships? Yes. Pointing others to Him including my family? Yes. Taking time to be with Him each morning? Yep. These are things I hear. And want more of.

I want to LIVE. I can only do this once. And these kids aren’t stayin’ small forever.




2 Responses to Refuel

  1. Ally April 2, 2014 at 8:53 pm #

    Needed this to refuel for all the “nothing” I have left to do today! My only goal between now and bedtime is to have the house NOT get any messier and to finish my coffee so I can accomplish said goal. As always thanks for letting me off the hook mama, I was starting to feel the ceiling come down and crush my little over-achiever heart like it always does around 4pm when I start looking around at the messy house and the hungry kids and the unfolded laundry. Love you!

    • linds April 2, 2014 at 10:23 pm #

      Haha! You’re such a good momma. Keep on! You’re doing a great job…those kids know they’re loved so much and you must have done a lot today if you still have coffee left in your cup. Meeting needs instead of having your coffee? I sip mine slowly as Jada asks for 20 minutes “I have some foffee momma??” while Barkley whines at the door to go out and while JimJim yells from the potty “I’m ALL DONE!” Haha! Love YOU, Ma!