Latest Happenin’s

So, last time we talked, friends, we were mid move.

We said our goodbyes. Read our last books at our Wyoming home….
thor Put on our bravest superhero faces and garb….


And ran ahead…ok enough of the metaphorical talk.

We did it! We moved and are living the Colorado life. We jumped in and have been thankful for how quickly we already feel at home…

Racing each other always helps us adjust to new places too…

And in case you were wondering, Barkley’s adjusting well, too. We have only been berated by one neighbor to stop letting him run free and to “get a handle on him.”

Ok, so he’s NOT adjusting that well. #Barkleyhatersunite #sippinonsomehaterade


So, after we gave up trying to handle our bidnass with Barkley…

We said our goodbyes to summer…


And I mourned the fact that grill outs with new friends and old…


are coming to a close soon and I will have to start making dinner again.

#dustoffthecrockpot #notsureifhashtagsareokinblogs #breakinrules #getahandleonit


But whenever we feel a little scared of all the new stuff coming our way…like new schools, people, houses, churches…

We just hug it out.



Or jump it out….


Or yell it out….

Or ride it out until….

We feel at home again. (Note: Donkeys don’t really make me feel at home).

So, all is well. God is good. #crumbsinourteeth #shegotitfromhermomma


And we’re home.


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Closing Time

The move is underway….movin1There was a little bit of book reading during the move, but mostly some whining (from me) and cussing (also from me) and just trying to get the job done.

It’s a little harder to get stuff done when you’re moving with little ones around because they need you.

They let you know it because they will most likely be saying, “HOLD ME!” for a good portion of the day.

And that got me thinking…isn’t it interesting that as we get older, there is still that need to be reassured? I haven’t been going around asking people to hold me lately, BUT I still need that reassurance that I’m ok.

Am I a good mother? A good wife? Do I suck at packing a moving truck? Am I pretty enough? Talented enough? Smart enough? Am I living out my real purpose? Doing all I can do to make this life count?

I can ask Jimmy for that reassurance, my family, friends…and I HAVE done that. Many a time.

But, what I am finding as I get older is that I need that so much LESS from people when I just ask the Lord what HE thinks of me. Who am I Lord? Who am I to you?

And each time I ask He is whispering. You’re mine. And that’s enough. You belong to me. You’re my girl. In my strength you are more.

I am His. A child of God. And He knows I suck at packing a moving truck and I like to whine about it, but just as Jada needs me to reassure her by picking her up and holding her, letting her know I am there and she is mine, oh God, thank You because You are doing that for me.


So, apparently moving conjures up some deep thoughts for me, so if this is a little too heavy for you on a Friday, I’m sure I’ll be talking about home decor or hair again in no time.

But until then, just know that you are His. If you choose to believe that truth, you can just keep coming back to that. I’m starting to think it’s one of the single most important things for all of us to realize in this life.

Because the striving for the world to reassure us ends. To make us feel like enough. It just loses it’s luster. Lessens its grip on me when I remember who I really am.

Because if we really belong to God, then what can this world offer me? What can I be reassured of by it?


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So, it’s been a while and I have some big news!

We are MOVING!

To Colorado!

God is so amazing in how he leads us. I was totally resistant to this move because I adore Casper and all our friends in it. The life we have made here for the last two years.

I cried all the way home from Colorado, and cry sitting on my back deck some nights.


I get REALLY attached to houses because of all the work we have put in but also because of all the memories, of course. When I’m painting some touch ups over grubby, dirty spots I get really dramatic in my head and think I am painting over memories.

Help. I need help.

I’m trying to think of healthy ways to cope, but a lot of unhealthy ways run through my head, too. Just keepin’ it real ya’ll.


But since our friends don’t seem too torn up about it (because they’re practical Wyoming people who don’t cry about painting over memories and know how to MOVE on) I am, with a grateful heart, less and less torn up about it too.

Because I’ve realized that each friendship from each place we’ve been blessed to live, has made our lives richer. Even if it was for a short time.

And these people swear they will visit. And most Wyoming people don’t lie. Cowboy ethics.


The reason this place has been our home is because of these people. Who have loved us despite our weirdness. Loved on our kids each time they see them. And made our lives so rich.

It’s been our home. Where I’ve grown more in love with the Lord. Want more of Him. But with each change, He whispers to me that He is going with me. Every step. Every buying-a-house-is-the-worst-process-ever-and-bankers-basically-need-you-to-bleed-for-proof-of-insurance-or-some-crap-like-that step of the way.

I’m thankful for each stage in life. For what God teaches me when I don’t know what we are doing.

I truly believe with every ounce of my being that God wants good for us. For you. That, just like we want to give our kids great things and have plans for them, He does that too with us. His children, right? So, with a shaking hand, I hold on to His.

All that to say that after way too many confirmations that this IS what we are supposed to be doing and after we found a house (eeeeek!) it’s gettin’ real and we are gettin’ really excited.

Just wanted to give you guys the update. Sorry for slackin’ on my bloggin’ pimpin’. It’ll come back again soon.

Miss you guys! Miss this blog! Updates on what the new house looks like when we move in 2 weeks! Pray for us, though, seriously. This moving thing is no joke!


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