DIY Headband

Ok, so I know it’s been WAY too long since I’ve posted! I have MISSED you guys! And writing. And blogging.

But holy bells. Life is busy.

I was telling a friend the other day, I always picture myself relaxing and just lollygaggin’ my way on through the summer.

But, that’s not even close to reality. Busy, busy up in here!

So, no promises on how often I can post this summer, but I will try to keep on keepin’ on.

But, anyways, I have a question for ya. Do you ever think you should buy something when you’re in Target because you figure if it’s sold in Target it’s probably cute and you should probably like it?

I did that other day. Bought some white jean shorts that were tight fitting and LONG. Like to my knees long.

I got home and Jimmy said, “Those look like Mom shorts.”

And I said, “I am a mom. And if I’m gonna wear shorts, I don’t want to be flashin’ anyone, ya know? Moms don’t do that.”

So, I instantly hated them after our convo and I thought I would just cut off a bit and fold the hem to see if that was less momish, still modestish and a titch hotterish. (If you don’t recognize those words, that’s because they don’t exist. Just accept them anyways. I get bossy in the summertime too, apparently. Busy and bossy).

I’m happy to report Operation Try To Make Mom Shorts Hotter project worked. Like a charm. I’m pregnant again.

Just kidding.

Wow, I’m busy, bossy and spicy! In SUMMEEEEERRR (all you Frozen fans will appreciate that Olaf shout out).

Aaaand back on track.

So, here’s where the headband comes in. I made one with the extra fabric I cut off.

So, if YOU have christian camp long jean shorts, don’t give up on them. Cut ‘em, fold ‘em, and make a headband with the rest of ‘em.

Here’s what I did to make the headband: I cut each leg sleeve on one side to open it up and then knotted the two pieces together.

And then I poked two holes in the middle of the fabric on what was now the bottom of my headband, cut open a hairtie, threaded the hairtie through the two holes and tied the hairtie tight on the other side.

You know what I mean? 

And then it’s nice, because you just slip it over your head and you can adjust the size by either tightening that knot on top of your head or loosening it.

If your jean shorts really are from church camp days, you will really need to loosen that baby up. 

So, now you have jean shorts that may or may not look good AND a headband to match.

Just rock it.

And if your man says you look like a mom, take it as a compliment.

And get the scissors out again.
 Alright, miss you guys! Hope your summer is going amazingly well!

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3 Ways Life May Change With Kids: Before And After

Before: Sleep whenever you feel it’s right. Go to bed late, get up late, never get interrupted in that dream filled bliss. Take naps at leisure.

After: I remember thinking before kids “Why does everyone cry about NOT being able to sleep when they have kids?! Babies sleep, what, 12 to 16 hours a DAY? Sleep when they sleep!” I would slap my old self now. Sleep is no longer your own with kids. You are pretty much at their sleepless mercy.

Sure, you can train them to sleep well and whatever but then they are teething, or pooping in the night, or have a cough, or an earache, and then they are potty trained and need to get up to pee, and then they can talk and they’re thiiiirsty. And then, just on the day when you think you can take a nap when they do….they don’t.

This is definitely the part that I have struggled with the most. I tell my friends, I feel like I’m a pretty decent mom with a lot of GOD’s help most days, but when bedtime comes it’s so ON. And not in a good way. Momma needs sleep to be a good mommy. I’ve only said that a few times.


Before: You always look put together when you go out. Time isn’t an issue. I remember going on my first date with Jimmy and taking about 3 hours to get ready…Just waaaalkin’ around. Ohhhh, time to shower (45 minutes later) ohhhh time to pick out something to wear. This? No, gotta be hotter than that. This? (45 minutes later) Ohhhh gosh. I’m kinda hungry. I’ll get a snack and then finish up. TRULY I remember Jimmy wondering if I was even going to ever GET to the date because I took so long to get ready. It was uninterrupted, self-involved, get-ready heaven.

After: Quick! It’s almost time for church. How did that happen? We have been up for 3 hours! Jada! Get this new outfit on that we spent money on. Noooo! Yes. Just one day you can wear it you can take it off when we get home. JimJim you have more than one shirt, can you pick a different one? What? Jada, you just peed on that outfit? Ok, new one. You guys are hungry again NOW? We JUST ate! Ok, you know what? Get in the car, maybe they’ll feed all of us at church. Babe, can you get my coffee and a pullup for Jada? I’ll grab my makeup and just do it in the car. Shoot! I need my shoes on. (Run out of the house looking frazzled and unkempt).


Before: When you leave your house or do anything, it’s all about you and what you’re doing. No one else to worry about in terms of others staying alive.

After: When you leave the house, you try to not think about your kids since this is your moment to shine! To be free for a few uninterrupted hours! But you mostly think about what they’re doing and if your babysitter is competent. At all. You text her way too many times to make sure all is well. There are invisible ties from yourself to your kids and you will forever be attached. It’s no longer  only about you. You have a sense of responsibility that your parents always told you about that you always shrugged off.

But, there’s no shrugging off your little ones. They’re always on your mind. And you want to be better for it. Most days.

Life is WAY different with kids. I was THE most selfish person probably ever prior to having them. And now I’m SECOND most selfish person ever.


No, but I am thankful for how they show me that a life most fulfilled, scary, difficult and loving is one lived outward. I think God allows all these things in parenthood to show us how much more life means when it’s not about me. Because I worked hard for 26 years to make life ALL about me. And the “happiness” I felt then can’t touch what I feel now.


We DID get to church in time this last week to catch this. One of the things that Jesus did right before he died was washed his disciples feet. And then the guy at church said something like “God washed their feet.”

One more time, God was showing us how he wanted us to live. Not making it about us and who can do what for ME, but about others. Outward.

Can you imagine if Jesus washed YOUR feet. How humbling that would be? All I’d want to do is do that for Him. To show Him how I’d want to serve HIM.

And that’s what it’s about, I think. Whether it’s in parenting or ANY stage of life. Outward. Humbly serving outward.

But, I still wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to take three hours to get ready. Hey, I’m not perfect.


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Wear That Dirty Hair: Faux Hawk Braid Tutorial

There’s a good chance that you’re a person that washes your hair frequently in which case this post doesn’t really apply to you. You go and keep on doin’ that clean hair girl! And teach us your cleanly ways!

But for the rest of us, here’s one way to do that hair dirty. And make it look, what I like to call, beachy.

Dirty because I’m a frazzled mom going from one thing to the next and forgetting when the last time my hair was washed? Unacceptable.

Dirty beachy because I may have just gotten off the beach where there was no sun to tan this Dutch skin o’ mine  and a little sexy sand got tossed in my hair as I was frolicking in the waves? Acceptable and what we will pretend is happening.

So, get three dirty beach sections going at the front of your hairline…



And convince your husband he likes to take pictures for your blog…dirtyhair2

And then start braiding like so. As long as you are weaving three pieces of hair in the same direction, it should end up ok.

Just keep grabbing sections from the sides right on down the middle french braid style and don’t worry about perfection.

You were just running on the beach, you sexy thang.


Once you get to the crown of your head….


Push that braid forward (because you know I love the pouf) and then pin it. Push that bobby pin towards the front of your braid.dirtyhair9

If you like it extra poufy, or maybe you were hit by a wave just so and that pushed your pouf a little higher, just pull out the sides until they are the way you like them.

And then throw that tousled, beachy, dirty mop back into a low ponytail and that concludes the beachy lies.

For now.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I have more dirty hair concealing ideas.

For now, I gotta go outside in the pouring rain with my kids because we’re desperate to be outside run in the waves.

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