Newish Updates

Well, well. You again, friend.

I have a few newISH updates here to show ya around here.

As you know, we took that wall out of the kitchen. It USED to look like this.

And the fake tin ceiling looked like this…

So, it all had to go. We are into the open concept thing because I saw a couple HGTV shows that said it was a big deal, so we went for it. Not really knowing if it was the right thing to do or not. Some people I talked to said NO! Some said YES! 

So, we did it, had the ceiling redone and I forced gently prodded Jimmy to do all the floors the same (because Property Brothers said so) and…

We are so glad we did.

Here’s how it all turned out and we are loving it!newish

And here are some newish coasters that I LOVE made from wood things. Trees I suspect.



And this is not so new. Still painting my cabinets! The insides now. 

Takes three coats of that white high gloss paint to cover those dingy insides. Didn’t I start this project four years ago?

To distract people who come over, I got a newish cute lamp to put on the kitchen counter for 10 dollars. Yes!

newish3Not so newish, me trying to do an abstract painting. Again.

This one was extra tricky. It involved dripping some paint on a canvas. Takes a high level of skill, so this is not for the faint of heart.

No, but seriously. I like this and it was SO easy and truly anyone can do it. I’ll show you the finished look when the look of that dining room is finished. 

Anyways, progress is slow, but I am loving the new set up. I’m going to be making a bigger DIY kitchen island that fits that space a little better here soon.

So, get ready! 

It’s sure to happen…

And until then, I’m gonna take a break and look at our room with no walls.
newish Happy weekend!


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Real BODY Love: Workouts Week 8

Ah! My mom is here visiting so I am totally distracted with all the things we want to do with Grandma!

So, enough chit chat.

For those of you who are wanting the workouts for the week here are the three videos:

This one’s a repeat, because I like it a lot.

Monday’s workout:

Wednesday’s Workout:

Friday’s Workout:

How are these going for you?

I have some GREAT things coming on the blog, hopefully this week so check back, guys!


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Real BODY Love: Workouts Week 7

Hey guys!

Maybe I should just plan on posting on Tuesdays, since the whole Monday things isn’t really working out.

Sorry if you were waiting on this post and I’m a titch late again.

Here are this weeks workouts:

Monday/Tuesday’s workout:

Wednesday’s Workout:

Friday’s Workout:

And a LIFE CHANGER for us in our house the last few weeks has been a NutriBullet!

I know you guys have seen these informercials, and our families are all getting on the let’s-not-eat-processed-foods-and-die lifestyle change so this has been right up that healthy alley.


I have two of these a day and it has been amazing how different I feel! Granted I wasn’t the biggest veggie/fruit eater to begin with so I’m sure my bod is just in shock that I am putting healthy foods in it, but either way I highly recommend.

Lately we have been doing this little NutriBullet number:

Spinach (probably a half or whole cup, not too sure)

The rest we fill with frozen berries, a couple tablespoons of flax seeds, half milk half water and honey or raw maple syrup to sweeten the deal.


It’s SO, so good.

Buy one NutriBullet, get one free so go in on them with a friend to cut costs. This thing is a beast. It purees everything in about 3 seconds flat.

And one more thing, check out my friend Emily’s research study that’s designed to help working moms! Very cool! Check out what that’s all about here.

I hope these workouts and small lifestyle changes are going well for you guys!


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